MacAllister Machinery had a challenge for Power i4 Solution. Not only was Power i4 working on digitizing and organizing their field documents, but we were also streamlining their rental process  to save time and money. We concluded that a modified version of FormsTrack would be the best solution.

One of the problems MacAllister was running into was that people weren’t always available to sign contracts or to confirm machine conditions.  Previously, this would mean sending an employee to the job site for a signature; or it might mean  MacAllister would email the documents to the customer to print, sign, scan, and email back. This was not ideal for MacAllister because the documents they needed signed were important for liability issues. But that’s not all that MacAllister found so useful about FormsTrack;  in fact, far from it!

Before MacAllister switched to using FormsTrack for their documents,  they kept their contracts and condition reports in physical filing cabinets at each location. This made it extremely difficult for an executive from the central office to look at a document that was filed at a branch. An employee would have to sift through the files and then scan the document and send it. Now with FormsTrack, all of MacAllister’s documents are stored in a central location, meaning, not only is it easy for someone at headquarters to look up any document they need, but the documents that are moved electronically are safe from any physical degradation or damages.

Not only did Power i4 Solution streamline capturing signatures  and storing and organizing documents, but we also built a customer portal app which would allow customers to sign documents if they were on site. Combining that with the capability to place rental orders quickly and easily, shows how Power i4 Solution has not only made life easier for the rental company, but also makes it quick, convenient, and easy to place new orders with MacAllister.

MacAllister has benefited from their partnership with Power i4 Solution through the creation of these modified applications  which allow them to digitize, organize, and keep their documents safe. But MacAllister is benefiting in more ways:  MacAllister has saved $80,000 a year just by reducing their use of paper transaction documents alone.

Power i4 Solution’s goal is always to provide you with the right product to fit your needs and save you money, and as you can see from MacAllister Machinery’s experience with FormsTrack, we will work with you to give you the best tool possible.

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