IBM Systems Magazine Case Study on FormsTrack

“Hamilton reports that the reduction in paper-based transactions, due to the portal and mobile solution, has resulted in MacAllister saving around $80,000 a year. And now that condition-report photos are taken both at the time of equipment delivery and pick up, the company can collect on damage claims 99 percent of the time.”

– Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine, January 2017

newlogo-11-17-16-colorIn 2014 MacAllister Machinery partnered with Power i4 Solutions in implementing their latest mobile and web software products to compliment our existing web service offerings.  The implementation of mobile device applications that interact with our customers and internal systems has greatly improved our efficiency and communications with our customers.  MacAllister Machinery Rental Services has successfully implemented and capitalized on several products from Power i4 Solutions that include FormsTrack, Signature Manger, NowYouSign and a new mobile Rental application available to our customers for equipment management.  All of these new systems have enhanced internal and customer efficiencies for Rental order management, contract management, equipment dispatch and pickup, and equipment picture management.  As our organization continues to expand in our marketplace IT software from Power i4 Solutions has been critical to our success.  Power i4 Solutions is an excellent and reliable partner living up to commitments and at the same time our partner has been open and flexible with improvements based on feedback from our customers and users.

Garry Buechler

IT Project Consultant, MacAllister Rentals

nysiconI have been using NowYouSign to create documents and obtain signatures for several months now. I send a document out for a signature and it comes back in minutes! My customers are happy. They don’t have to print, sign, scan, attach and email. They sign right on their device and click submit. I instantly get an email that it’s done and archived! Just that fast!

Louise Muniz

Integrated Custom Software

It is easy to use, and a whole lot faster than printing, signing, scanning, and including in an email

Kevin McKay (End User)

Republic Bank

Loved that I didn’t have to print anything to sign… overall, it was great!

Ashley Anthony (End User)

Application Administrator, CenterState Bank

We were in need of a proof of delivery system.  We contracted with Power i4 to develop an App to tie into our ERP system.  Joseph was the lead developer on our project.  His support has been outstanding.  He was able to understand our requirements and meet our needs in a timely fashion. This App has allowed us to stand out in our industry.  It has also automated other requirements that were previously completed manually.

Ken Lyttek

IT Manager, FERALLOY Corporation

sig1024Holt of California had a system for collecting signatures from customers for will call parts pickup. It was a mix of applications and devices that worked ok, It was accurate about 85% of the time, however for some reason the will call pickups that customers would come back and say they did not get, could not be found with the signature on the document. And our parts department would sware the parts were picked up by the customer, but with out a signature could not prove it. FormSprint suggested a new application using an IPad to capture the signature. Since we were having issues, we agreed to try it. After some tweaking and trouble shooting, we found some minor issues on our end, that we corrected. We no longer have missing signatures, and when the customer picks up multiple orders, only has to sign once. Also, when signing they see a rendition of the document on the IPad, so they can confirm they are getting what they are signing for. We were concerned that the IPads would not hold up, however except for the stylus wearing out, there have not been any issues, and they have been in use for 2 years. We have them securely mounted to the counter with swivel mounts so the customer can position it for viewing and signing. FromSprint has provided us with a reliable secure way to get that signature, which has paid for itself already and then some. Thanks FormSprint!

Harry Rife

IS Department, Systems Specialist, Holt of California

formstracklogo-1024Over the years we have all heard from our vendors, and said many times ourselves to our customers, “We want this to be a partnership”. I can’t agree enough with this statement when talking about Power i4 Solution. They are always there to answer any question regarding FormsTrack I can always count on Joe or Don to get me an answer I need. The words innovative, professional, and responsive are just a few that come to mind when talking about the team at Power i4 Solution. They are a pleasure to work with and I view them as part of our team.

Todd Gonterman

Rental Operations Coordinator, MacAllister Rentals

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