The idea behind FormsTrack, Signature Manager, and Now You Sign is to bring paperwork to portable devices. With these programs, documents can be managed in the field while they are safe in your digital storage systems. The power behind these applications is the IBM iSeries, which is well known for its reliability and is noted for having a 99.9% uptime.  With this level of reliability backing up FormsTrack, Signature Manager, and Now You Sign, people can trust that their information is in good hands.

formstracklogo-1024With FormsTrack contracts and other documents can be made available for delivery people to get signed, without the risk of those papers being lost or damaged.  The moment the mobile device on which the document is being handled can, it will send the completed document to its associated iSeries computer, thereby keeping the documents safe and keeping them organized. The driver can also look at the documents from their mobile device allowing them to keep up to date on deliveries and other stops on their route, and the home office can receive signatures, dates and times, as well as GPS coordinates of the signature, giving you proof of delivery even before your driver returns. As well, you can take pictures of delivered rental equipment to compare between when you dropped it off versus when you picked it up.  All the pictures are time and date stamped meaning that you can easily compare the condition of your equipment on drop off and on pick up.

With Now You Sign, signing a digital document is streamlined into a simple process. First, you review the document, and then you write your signature on the touchscreen of your device. Then the document gets sent back to the person who requested your signature, and you get the opportunity to download the signed document for your files. This removes the trouble of having to locate a scanner each time someone asks you to sign a digital document; also, being able to keep the signed copy gives you peace of mind that it can’t be lost in a shuffle of papers.
sig1024With Signature Manager signing many documents at one time is a breeze. Simply load the documents into the app, your customer can read each of them in order, and then enter one signature at the end. Signature Manager takes care of the rest by importing that signature to each of the spaces on the document where a signature is required. As well, you can take pictures of products to show any damage or spoilage of your products, Signature Manager will keep all those pictures in your files so you can’t lose those important records!

Using the reliability of the IBM iSeries computers, Power i4 Solution has the product to keep your documents safe and organized, while providing electronic signature capabilities, and time, date, and gps stamped photo evidence. FormsTrack, Signature Manager, and NowYouSign will change the way you handle paperwork in your business, keeping your documents safer, and increasing customer satisfaction.